Ta Giang Phinh is an ancient land of H’mong people residing at the foot of the majestic Ngu Chi Son mountain near Sapa with cool climate all year round. A Suoi Hoa - Ma Tra - Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phinh tour by train will take you to explore this village. 

Where is Ta Giang Phinh located?

Ta Giang Phinh is the name of a border commune located in Hoang Lien Son range, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. Located about 28 km from Sapa, this is the main living place of H'Mong and some Dao people.

Ta Giang Phinh Valley

Ta Giang Phinh valley

What it has in Ta Giang Phinh?

The road to Ta Giang Phinh

The road to Ta Giang Phinh is a dirt road with two roadsides which are the rice fields divided into many small beautiful plots. It will be great if you go into the ripe season.
The terraces here have been voted as one of the 7 most spectacular rice terraces in Asia and the world by Travel & Leisure magazine (USA).
On the way, we will see the waterfalls, especially Cold waterfall, which are interesting places to rest and take photos on the way to Ta Giang Phinh.

Ta Giang Phinh valley

Ta Giang Phinh valley

Go to Ta Giang Phinh to admire the top of Ngu Chi Son

Coming to Ta Giang Phinh, it will not be impossible to go to Ngu Chi Son with a height of 3.090m, the second highest mountain top of the north behind Fansipan peak, Ngu Chi Son has 5 mountains like a giant hand reaching to the sky and is called the most beautiful mountain northwest region.
Ngu Chi Son is more beautiful and majestic in peaceful life and it has gone into the songs praising the hometown. Admiring Ngu Chi Son, recounting the old legend, the mountain shape evokes more thoughts.
Ngu Chi Son has rugged mountain terrain with primeval forests embracing the mountain full of wildness and cliffs making every tourist shudder to think about the journey to conquer Ngu Chi Son peak of Ta Giang Phinh.